5 Foolish Tweets of the Week 8/29/2015

Twitter is not the place to go for deep thoughts. It is a great place to head to if you are entertained by problems that could be solved with the tiniest effort. And if you enjoy human laziness at its best, then the Twitterverse is the right place for you.

This week we take a look at some of the most foolish tweets and ones that just highlight crazy events in the news.¬† It’s a good thing the world is so connected. Without that linkage, we would not be able to witness all these fools at large.

We are about to run the gambit from NFLers giving investment advice to pizza watches. That’s right. It is full blown lunacy in our tweets of the week.

5. People think cords break all by themselves? Look folks, you can’t sling your charger around like a Tarzan vine, slam it in your pocket or backpack, and expect the little cord to last. Stop whining about defective cords and take care of them a bit better. Or go to Home Depot and get some plastic wrap to coat the cord in so it is indestructible even in the wake of your carelessness. #notmadeofsteel


4. There are lots of guidelines and laws when it comes to investing. You know, to protect us average Joes against fraud….unless a 2007 type meltdown happens then it’s anything goes so the banks can survive. Well if people think they need to be protected from pro athletes giving investment advice, those folks are morons. Russell Wilson is a sharp guy, but I wouldn’t build my retirement fund based on his recommendations. #NFL401K


3. If ordering a pizza is the greatest feat available with the new Apple watch then I am unimpressed. This looks simple on the TV ad, but how many pizza lovers are gonna end up with black olives that hate those little roach looking things? #holdtheolives

2. Sure it’s a great idea to let the police use drones that are weaponized. What could possibly go wrong? Police have a hard enough time making snap judgments when they are on the scene. Imagine the mistakes¬† that are coming while Officer Dingbat is flying a drone over a protest as he tries to eat his Subway sandwich in peace. #unnecessary

1. Bad enough that millions of guys have been outed as cheaters in a searchable database. Now it looks like most of the women that were available on Ashley Madison.com for a fling…were fake. This may be the worst website ever, and that’s saying a mouthful. They create a fantasy to lure in men, then fail to protect their privacy. #karma?


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