5 Ways to Get Fired from an Awful Job

Sure you could quit your crappy job. That would be the simple thing to do. But where’s the fun in that? Better to make a grand exit than to resign gracefully in some cases.

If you have the personality to go for the termination letter from your overbearing boss, then I applaud you.


Wait. Why would anyone actively seek to get fired?

Great question.

If you get fired, you stand some chance of getting an unemployment check depending on your state’s labor laws (seek a lawyer as I am clearly not in that line of work).

Also, it will give a great story to tell your friends and your future kids.

Won’t getting fired hurt my chances of getting another job? Possibly. So use your own discretion. But getting fired won’t matter if you are going to start your own business, do freelance work, or work for a close friend or even a relative.

So if you decide to get yourself fired, here are five easy ways to do so. I can’t say that I recommend getting fired on purpose, but if you decide to do so on your own, I have the steps.

5. Park in the boss’s parking spot. He might let it go¬† for a day or two. By day three you will be given a warning. Day four of jacking his spot should free up your work schedule for a while.

4. Call in sick, but just say something like, “I got a lot of errands to run today,” when the boss asks what’s the matter.

3. Send out your resume to jobs you might actually like. Make sure you “accidentally” send a copy to your current boss. She will love that and you may be driving home before lunch time.
2. Start lots of drama with your co-workers. Eat Fred’s sacked lunch a couple days in a row. Distract your cubicle neighbor with mindless gossip and reality TV talk.

1. Ignore your boss’s direct orders. If he wants an important report on his desk by Tuesday, start on it like Wednesday…if you are still employed by hump day.

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