Top 5 Foolish Tweets of the Week

Twitter is a great place to go for tidbits of cool information from knowledgeable people. It’s also a gathering place for fools. You may think it impossible for someone to show amazing ignorance using just 140 characters, but you are overestimating the inhabitants of this planet. Let’s have a look at the most foolish tweets I could find that made their way into the public domain this week.


Yes I love the NFL. Yes I am a big fan of the best QB in the game, Aaron Rodgers. No, I don’t find it amazing he can hit a tiny net from 45 yards away. He is supposed to be able to do that. These die hard football fans that spend time and money to attend training camp practices need some entertainment Iguess. Perhaps a fire eater, dog race, or a lion tamer would work just as well as stupid QB tricks.


People were always willing to pay for Mike Tyson’s PPV even though he was knocking fools out early and often. Rousey fights are spectacles. Her walk to the Octagon alone is worth half the PPV cost. The possibility of her losing is worth the other half. Witnessing MMA greatness is worth the price to diehard fight fans.


Um, she will…and not in the good way you might be hoping for young fella.


I can’t pretend not to be interested in a suplex story during NFL training camp, but I can’t help but laugh at what passes for news while we wait for actual NFL games to start. Last I saw Brock Lesnar he was retiring from the UFC after a vicious kick that made retirement seem like the next logical step for the big man.


How crazy is Donald Trump? How crazy is politics in general? Dude is fitting right in with this side show. Cannot wait for the debates. Have ordered vast amounts of popcorn to watch the freak show!

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