Monthly Archive: March 2015

Wash & Dry Bag For Sneakers On The Go

Your sneakers stink. Trust me they need washing. No – don’t bother sniffing them, they stink. Wash them the easy way then dry them quietly with a bag especially designed for the job….



Faceless LED Stainless Steel Watch

What in the world can you do with a faceless watch? Impress folks wearing run of the mill watches. Make kids think you have some kind of superhero gadget. Oh, and actually tell time…



Let It Snow – NO! – MAKE IT SNOW

Don’t confuse “making it snow” with “making it rain” – two different things folks, just ask any rapper. Kids love snow, so why not let them be the creator of the white stuff. Just…



LED Faucet Light – Be Cool & Safe

No one wants to wash their hands in freezing water or get burned by faucet water that is too hot. This is a small problem but irritating enough to do something about right?….