Top 5 Foolish Tweets. Week of 8/16/2015

Another round of foolish tweets folks. As long as Twitter stays online, I have material for the next 50 years…as long as I remain alive. Speaking of living, lots of tweeters have an issue with that this week. Hard to please folks these days.

We also cover skee ball issues that no presidential candidates are talking about. Also did you realize working at Walmart does not pay as much as founding the company?

We are the place for space news and childhood hunger. Didn’t know the two were connected? Didn’t know we owned the universe? Check the tweets of the week out and act like you know!

5. The following tweet wasn’t foolish. It just pointed out how ridiculous skee ball tickets are. In light of NFL mean guy, James Harrison, making his kids give back so called “participation” trophies, this tweeter made the correlation to skee ball. Skee ball has cost me roughly $2,322 when my kids were into Chucky Cheese type places, so I had to include this tweet. Skee ball tickets are used to buy items that no one would ever purchase in the first place!

4.  This kind of thinking is going to keep a lot of people poor if they expect to make big bucks working for Walmart. Mix in some education and grind a bit. I think Walmart sux too. I’m just not going to cry about the founding family being filthy rich. I am going to work elsewhere or start my own biz.

3. Glad to see someone else feels the same about weirdos posting strange stuff in forums. Actually I have no idea what this person is ranting about. I just find it pretty funny and love a weirdo reference.

2. Not sure we have exactly “conquered” space. Pretty big universe out there sir. I am in agreeance about childhood hunger. Perhaps we should have started with that before scratching checks to get to the moon and take some cool pictures of Mars.

1. It wasn’t too hard finding tweets with the word “sux” in it. Lots more than I figured mentioned life sucking though. I’m not sure these tweeters are clear about the alternative to life. Might want to show a little appreciation for actually waking up or at least not complain to the masses about your very existence.

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