Top 5 Foolish Tweets of the Week

Here we go again folks. Twitter is an endless source of foolishness, idiocy, and on occasion, some clever humor. I have combed the Twittervese for the 5 most foolish tweets of the week.

This week I try to avoid any Ronda Rousey themes even though she always makes Twitter news, even when she isn’t fighting. I will restrain from mentioning  the NFL, even though training camp news from ESPN would make you think the Super Bowl is next week. I’ll focus on a few trends and #walmart, which is always a topic when it comes to weird events in everyday shopping.

5.  Can’t resist and it’s not training camp “non news.”  Charles Haley should have been in the Hall of Fame years ago. Guy played in huge games and came up big each time.

4.  I don’t know what level of debauchery would result in getting kicked out of Walmart or who would do the removal of such a person. Greeters are bouncers as well?

3. I am going to assume this tweet is absolutely true. I would pay $50 to to see a reality show about weathermen, who may be the weirdest folks on television. My $50 would be useless since such a show would mark the end being near anyways.

2. I don’t know how trends get started on Twitter. I assume it’s witchcraft of some sort. One weird one today was #DietaMovie, mixing food with movie titles. A couple of good ones caught my eye like.

1. A cool meme that trended locally for me was related to the new movie ‘Straight Outta Compton’. Lots of dumb memes that were weak at best popped up online. This one with Rowdy Roddy Piper was on point though. RIP!

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