5 Most Foolish Tweets of the Week 9/20/15


Another week, another set of foolish tweets. 100 years from now how many books will be written based solely on Twitter comments? I can see an entire sitcom being based on tweets…wait that already happened.

This week we take a look at ridiculous tweets about one of the most hated families in TV history.

Selfies get harder. Just when you thought you had it mastered.

We also take a look at the sadness of grown men nearly sobbing over college football.

Prepare yourself to be amazed with stupidity and fools galore. Here are the top 5 most foolish tweets I could gather. Don’t worry, there will be more next week. The supply is limitless.

5. Sure it’s ok to be politically incorrect in the barber shop…as long as some nut doesn’t video it, put it on youtube, and make some group mad enough to stand outside your shop with lots of signs.

4. Yep, just what we need, a triple selfie. Wasn’t enough to take pics of ourselves every seven seconds. Now we have to get shots from three different angles simultaneously. I need a beer!

3. I’m not even sure what info a web surfer would input on a Kardashian website. Whatever the personal data was that got hacked is karma for keeping up with these fools in your free time. Get a life people!

2. College football fans often carry their love for the game way too far. Alabama fans have been spoiled with tons of wins, so the rare losses do hurt their fan base badly. Still that’s no excuse to look like a petulant child who was just informed about Santa Claus facts. This guy looks like his world is ending before him. It is just a game my man. If you were kidnapped by aliens right out the stands, no player would even notice or care.

1. 3.3 billion is a lot to owe in back taxes. A Coke and a smile will not fix that mess, just ask Wesley Snipes and Willy Nelson.

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