5 Ways to Enhance Your Pandora Experience

music lover
Pandora is one of my favorite websites ever. One of my top five apps as well. I like music, love great music. Pandora saves me from awful FM radio. The music service uses some sort of magic to create stations around songs I really enjoy.

I can’t say enough good things about Pandora. I would abandoned almost ever other website in favor of Pandora if I had to cut down on sites that I use daily. It’s that good.

All that said, it’s not perfect. There are some tweaks that we can make to make the listening experience even better. It’s easy to just go on autopilot and let the tunes wash over your eardrums and never adjust any settings. But just five minutes every couple of weeks will make you love Pandora even more.

Do these five things today to make Pandora even better.

5. Change up to a few comedy stations. Music is awesome, but a few laughs in the morning help start the day off right, even sitting in traffic. Trust me, it helps.

4. This may sound silly, but don’t bust your eardrums. In your car you may have to turn the volume way up on your smartphone to play through your aux cord. Make sure you turn the volume waaaay down before swapping to headphones!
 3. Don’t forget to use the “add variety” feature for your stations. You can mix some rap in with country to make sure you don’t get in a musical rut.

2. Try some stations that are shared by your friends on Facebook. That will add some real life people input into your music, instead of algorithm only.

1. See the stations at the very bottom of your list? Those were put there by a different you. Clear some out. If you have been on Pandora for at least a year, you need to tidy up your stations. Just because you loved Miley Cyrus a couple months ago, doesn’t mean she has staying power. Miley is just an example. I would never admit to having her on my station list.

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