5 Things You Should Never Request on Fiverr

Fiverr is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for online shoppers. People love the free internet, but there are many web surfers that are willing to spend a measly $5 for something of relative value.

On Fiverr, one can buy SEO help, articles, Twitter followers, and Facebook likes. There are also sellers of video and audio production services. Fiverr is the place to go to get all your digital services handled if you are too busy and have the extra cash to pay for someone else’s time.

What Fiverr is not meant for is physical services. There’s no policy against it. It’s just crazy. Who would offer any service that required one to leave their home in order to get $5….really about $3.75 after fees from the platform and Paypal.

That doesn’t stop folks from requesting weird stuff on Fiverr though. See, you can not only offer your services, you can make buyer requests. That way sellers can search out needs so they can solicit the buyers with a matching service.

Good idea and most people use it properly. However, there are a few weirdos out on the internet. No it’s true. These loons are asking for help doing things that no sane person would do for $5. To help you guys out I will list five things to never request on Fiverr or any other website. Don’t try to sell these services either. You will wear the weirdo label if you do.

5. User brcbrc thinks it wise to seek out an individual for “fix up jobs in my apartment.” Why not just try to buy a human servant on the open market in some third world hell hole?

4. From user natashamemmel, “I am looking for someone who will sell UPS OR FEDEX LABEL FOR ME.” I’ve no idea what this is all about. I’m pretty sure UPS and FedEx can sell their own labels. I don’t think this is a vintage label or else it would be on Etsy.  This one left me really confused and prompted me to block this user from my communications on Fiverr.

3. Another weirdo, nwickson, in need of organizing help. Perhaps this is just code for another activity that I won’t even try to guess. I will let your imagination run wild.

2. Writing thank you cards is a really personal task. What better way to get it done with real emotion than to invite a perfect stranger over to your home to sit with you and write out these heart warming cards…for $5.

1. hellohellono got the “hell no” part right. “I need someone to come take apart 5 pallets. I am weak. I can either give you $5 or I can give you 2 extra pallets that I have. looking for someone near Camp Pendleton south (oceanside area).” This request actually received one offer. I imagine the meet up between these two characters ended up like the last few minutes of a Dexter episode.

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