5 Good Things about Ashley Madison Hack

By now you have heard all about the Ashley Madison hack. Some of you may have heard so much that you have begun a search for your better half’s name on that list of cheaters. That’s unfortunate. This hack has made for some messy conversations around the family dinner table.

Actually it was the website that made the mess.

Check that. It was the people who signed up for the website.

But believe it or not there are a few good things to come out of this Ashley Madison hack. I like to look on the bright side as you know. So here are five positives that have come out of one of the most disturbing hacks in the history of the internet.

5. This is a good lesson for all of us. Our online info is not safe. Ashley Madison.com was built on breaking trust between spouses. How did users think the site could be trusted at all?

4. It’s fun to see politicians squirm. This hack will show more than a few of our political leaders to be frauds and just as dirty as an everyday cheater. One politician claimed he used the site for research only! Nice try.

3. Lives were wrecked, families torn asunder, and American values look even flimsier. But hey, the web had lots to talk about in the past couple of weeks!

2. Lots of miserable marriages got the ending that will wind up a blessing. The hack was a final nail in the coffin of a burned out love for millions I’m sure.

1. Lawyers are going to be living high on the hog. That should boost the economy. Divorce lawyers will clean up as wives have the ultimate finishing move to make sure their husbands pay dearly. And the class action suits are going to be a windfall for the lawyers as well. At least for the first round. Ashley Madison will be broke very soon.

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